Why Do You Need A T-1 Line?

A T-1 line for your office provides you with wireless Internet that is accessed through cables in the floor or ceiling. The T-1 line is several times faster than a traditional Internet line, and you may support hundreds of devices at the same time. Your business needs fast Internet speeds to remain productive, and the money spent on a T-1 line is well worth it. This article explains how the line is installed in your building.

    #1: The Line Hangs Overhead

    The service provider will hang the T-1 line in the ceiling over your head. You will not see the line, but you will get its signal when you want to connect to the Internet. Every room in the building will have the wires running overhead, and you may connect in any room. The service provider will take some time to install the lines, but they are quite convenient once the job is done.

    #2: The Lines Are Connected To The Same System

    You will not experience intermittent outages when using the T-1 line. The whole system runs all day long, and any outage shuts down the whole building's Internet service. These outages are typically very brief, and you may have the service provider return to repair any problems with the lines.

A T-1 line is the only wise use of your cash when you are installing Internet services in your office. A small fee will include installation, a wireless signal and a service that is several times stronger than anything you have ever used.